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At the Gentle Art we maintain a serious commitment to the quality of our thread. The Gentle Art Exhibit
We use the utmost care and forethought in selecting the methods and components used to produce our thread.  We hand overdye each batch of thread to ensure that it is treated with care.  We choose dyes and catalyst agents for the thread which are highly efficient and extremely gentle to maintain its durability. 
In fact, they are as gentle as the laundry detergent used in your home. 

 Our craftsmen work diligently to produce a product which is consistent, lightfast, colorfast, and has heirloom quality and longevity.  As with any hand done process, there are slight variations within each dyelot, and there is a margin for error.  However, we are proud to say that ours is small and we strive to minimize it.

The Gentle Art ThreadOur vision is embodied in each of our colors.  They are subtly shaded, each skein containing many colors blended with care to provide incredible visual richness. Ours is a hand made craft which looks to the heritage of the past and beautifully passes that along to the future through an aged palette inspired by our natural world.  This vision is the hallmark of our company and our reputation.        
 Working with our Threads

Purveyors of "gently" overdyed 6-strand cotton embroidery floss called "SAMPLER THREADS™".
Our threads are exciting and fun to stitch with, and give your needlework a faded, antiqued look. Your needlework projects stitched with "SAMPLER THREADS™" will never be a carbon copy of everyone else's because each skein is unique in itself. To read how we take great care in the production of "SAMPLER THREADS™",
please click here on Care Instructions

We have a wide range of colors and add new colors to our line several times a year. We also have "LIMITEDTrade Show - The Gentle Art EDITION" colors which are dyed in small amounts and are constantly changing. They are great collectors items.  

We do not sell directly to the consumer. If you cannot locate our product at your local needlework shop, click on the menu bar labeled "Shop Locator" to see our list of shops that carry "SAMPLER THREADS™".

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TNNAIntellectual property is not to be copied or shared without permission. The Gentle Art supports The National NeedleArts Association in its effort to educate people on the importance of respecting intellectual property and protected materials in our industry. The TNNA advances its community of professional businesses by encouraging the passion for needlearts through education, industry, knowledge exchange and a strong marketplace.