The Gentle Art  Thread Listing

This page is designed for shops to print, check their current inventory and then use as a guide to order from our online wholesale store. This form is not intended to be filled out online.  This form is intended to provide shops with a vehicle to compare your inventory to your inventory needs.  We look forward to having your shop completing an online order. 
Description Count Description Count
Adobe   Holly Berry  
Aged Pewter   Hyacinth  
Antique Rose   Lambswool *NEW*  
Apricot Blush   Lavender Potpourri  
Avocado   Lexington Green  
Apple Cider   Liberty  
Baby Spinach *NEW*   Maple Syrup  
Banker's Grey   Melon Patch  
Barn Grey   Midnight  
Bayberry   Mistletoe  
Berry Cobbler   Morning Glory  
Bittersweet   Mountain Mist  
Black Crow   Mulberry  
Black Raspberry   Mustard Seed *NEW*  
Blue Jay   Nutmeg  
Blue Spruce   Oatmeal  
Blueberry   Ohio Lemon Pie  
Brandy   Old Blue Paint  
Brethren Blue   Old Brick  
Briar Rose   Old Hickory *NEW*  
Buckeye Scarlet   Old Red Paint  
Burnt Orange   Parchment  
Buttercrunch   Peach Ice Cream  
Buttermilk   Peacock  
Butternut Squash   Pebble  
Cameo Pink   Picket Fence  
Celery   Pine  
Chamomile   Pineapple Sherbet  
Cherry Bark   Pink Azalea  
Cherry Wine   Poinsettia  
Cidermill Brown   Pomegranate  
Cinders   Poppy  
Cinnamon   Porcelain  
Claret   Presidential Blue  
Clover   Pumpkin Patch  
Copper   Purple Iris  
Cornflower   Raspberry Parfait  
Cornhusk   Raven  
Cotton Candy   Red Grape  
Cranberry   Red Plum  
Currant   Rhubarb  
Daffodil   Royal Purple  
Dark Chocolate   Sable  
Deep Sea   Sarsaparilla  
Dried Thyme   Sea Spray  
Dungarees   Shaker White  
Evergreen   Shutter Green  
Flax   Slate  
Forest Glade   Soot  
Fragrant Cloves   Spring Grass  
Freedom   Straw Bonnet  
Fudge Ripple   Sugarplum  
Geranium   Summer Meadow  
Gingersnap   Sweet Pea  
Gold Leaf   Tarnished Gold  
Grape Arbor   Tea Rose  
Grape Leaf   Tin Bucket  
Grasshopper   Tropical Ocean  
Grecian Gold   Victorian Pink  
Green Apple   Walnut  
Green Pasture   Weathered Barn *NEW*  
Harvest Basket   Willow  
Harvest Moon   Wood Smoke  
Highland Heather   Woodrose